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Sonia Torrey, TLPC-MHSP

MHR Memphis has several psychiatrists on staff, providing medication management and other psychiatric services to clients from all walks of life. If you are looking for a psychiatrist in Memphis, TN, you can count on our safe and comfortable counseling center. Our psychiatrists receive consistent referrals within the community because they are highly educated and they communicate well with their clients. You will receive premium mental healthcare from the moment you contact our office. Call us at (901) 682-6136 to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist in Memphis, TN.

Confidential Psychiatric Services, Including Medication Management

Your privacy is always protected at MHR Memphis. Your psychiatrist will not judge you for the circumstances that led you here. Our goal is to find the right treatment for your specific situation, whether you need long-term mood disorder treatment or short-term grief medication.

  • Licensed, Experienced Psychiatrists in Memphis, TN
  • Therapists and Psychiatrists on Staff to Assist You
  • A Comfortable Psychiatrist Office near You
  • Insurance-Friendly Services – We Will Help You with Your Insurance and Short-Term Disability Paperwork
  • MHR Memphis Has Been in Operation Since 1987
  • Specialized Solutions for Your Unique Needs, Including Depression Treatment, Anxiety Treatment, Bipolar Disorder Treatment, Mood Disorder Treatment, and Other Services

If you have received a referral to our office, call (901) 682-6136 to schedule an appointment. We are accepting new clients at this time, and we will match you with a psychiatrist in Memphis, TN.

Should I See a Therapist or Psychiatrist in Memphis, TN?

Some clients only require therapy for treatment, while others only require psychiatric care. In most cases though, a client will use a combination of therapy and psychiatry to complete treatment. The therapist works on the mental side of treatment, helping a personal understand and control his or her emotions. The psychiatrist works on the medical side of treatment, prescribing medication as needed for optimal care. When you contact our office, we can help you decide which option is right for you. You may need to complete a psychological evaluation first, which we provide at our Memphis, TN therapist office.

Call (901) 682-6136 to Schedule an Appointment with a Psychiatrist in Memphis, TN

Contact MHR and MPC

Call our offices at (901) 682-6136 during business hours for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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    ** Announcement **
    Our practice location at 5400 Poplar Ave Suite 100, Memphis TN 38119 has closed on Friday, March 15, 2024. It has been our privilege to support your wellbeing at our East Memphis location, and we look forward to continuing your treatment at one of our three (3) other practice locations. Reach out to schedule an appointment today!