Introducing: OCD Program

At MHR, we know that OCD can deeply impact all aspects of people’s lives. Our OCD program includes both individual and group therapy which have been designed to help you increase your distress tolerance, decrease OCD’s impact on your day to day functioning, and ground you in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Your treatment plan will be unique to your situation but typically clients work with us for 3-5 days a week for 6 weeks.

Each day that you spend with MHR will include group sessions dedicated to:

  • Emotional processing
  • Exposure therapy and response prevention
  • Education about OCD symptoms and treatment

MHR’s new OCD program has been designed using the research of Dr. Jonathan S. Abramowitz, a well known and widely respected leader in the field of OCD treatment. The goal of our program is to empower our patients.

We believe that you have the capability to find safety within your thoughts, and, through our program, we will provide you with the techniques and support that will allow you to have a greater sense of freedom within your life.

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