Chase Spiegel, LCSW

Chase Spiegel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in helping clients recover from traumatic experiences. She is a nationally recognized Specialist for treatment of PTSD with over 15 years of experience that began at the Memphis VA.

Relying on Cognitive Behavioral informed techniques, she is trained in using all three Gold Star trauma therapies to include Prolonged Exposure, CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) and EMDR. She earned her BSW at Delta State University and her master’s from Michigan State University. She is also certified to teach English as a foreign or second language.

She is well versed in treating veterans of combat, survivors of rape/sexual assault, near death experiences like natural disasters, and witnesses or victims of hate crimes/terrorist attacks. She is experienced with outpatient, inpatient, residential, and Homeless Programs.  She also treats Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and other mood related problems.

Chase affirms the LGBTQ population, and she is welcoming to all beliefs and backgrounds. No topic or experience is off limits with Chase. She understands that goals belong to the client, not the therapist. She opens the therapeutic process by asking clients what they hope she can do to help, what they want to change, and she strives to understand how past experience is influencing present life. Testimonials report “she is compassionate and trustworthy,” and “I got my life back.”

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