Addiction Counseling Near Southaven, MS

Addiction Counseling Near Southaven, MS

When you need addiction counseling near Southaven, MS, MHR Memphis is here to assist you. We offer outpatient addiction counseling and intensive outpatient addiction treatment, as well as specialized solutions for crisis situations. Our counseling center has high referral rates because of our proven results.

No matter how long you have dealt with addiction, we have a program that’s just right for you. Contact our office at (901) 682-6136 to find out more about addiction counseling near Southaven, MS.

How Does IOP Addiction Treatment Work?

Intensive outpatient addiction counseling (IOP) is a consistent and frequent therapy program for people with moderate to severe addictions. Clients come in several days a week for up to three hours a day, completing group therapy and/or individual counseling. This occurs over a longer stretch of time than hospital-based addiction treatment, which reduces the risk of relapse. Here is an overview of IOP addiction counseling near Southaven, MS:

  • A Multidiscipline Team Consisting of a Psychiatrist, a Therapist and/or a Social Worker
  • Counseling Sessions for up to 3 Hours a Day, up to Five Days a Week
  • Group Therapy and Individual Counseling Available (We Require All IOP Clients to Complete Some Form of Group Counseling)
  • Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling and Family Counseling to Repair Personal Relationships
  • Planning for Crisis Situations
  • Personalized Coping Techniques to Help You Overcome Addiction Triggers on a Daily Basis
  • Counseling That Gets to the Root of the Addiction
  • Prolonged Treatment with Proven Results

If you would like more information, call (901) 682-6136. MHR Memphis provides family counseling, marriage counseling and individual counseling, so you can repair relationships with your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a confidential appointment.

Comprehensive Addiction Counseling near Southaven, MS

MHR Memphis provides a range of addiction counseling services for the Southaven area, including dual diagnosis counseling, alcohol addiction counseling, drug addiction counseling, eating addiction counseling sex addiction counseling, internet addiction counseling, and more. Many of our clients also go through depression counseling, anxiety counseling, or another therapy program to work through issues in their personal lives. When you contact our office, we can help you find the counseling setup that is perfect for you.

Set up an Appointment for Addiction Counseling near Southaven, MS, Call (901) 682-6136

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Call our offices at (901) 682-6136 during business hours for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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