Mental Health Counseling and Treatment Programs for OCD, General Mental Health, and Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Counselors and Therapists for Marriage Problems, Kids, Teens, Adults, and Family Struggles, Anxiety and Depression Issues, Personality Disorders and Many Others

PHP & IOP Programs

Mental Health Resources is now offering Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) & Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) resources. Our PHP & IOP are evidence-based. We have seven published studies on our IOP treatment outcomes in peer reviewed, scientific journals. Major symptom reduction is experienced by the vast majority of clients who seek our services. Our client satisfaction ratings show very high customer ratings. An independent, international review found that our clients had among the highest satisfaction scores in centers across the globe.

*PHP and IOP are currently for adults (18+) only

Tested and Proven Recovery

Mental health professionals use different treatment strategies to help people who are experiencing mental health problems.

Some treatments have research support in the scientific literature and other treatments have less or even no research base supporting them. Therapists who use treatment approaches based on the scientific literature rely on evidence based practice. When the term evidence based practice is used, it means that the specific treatment has been closely studied, has shown to be an effective treatment, in repeated studies, and typically involves the use of treatment manuals.

Trusted Clinical Counselors

Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in a range of therapeutic treatments. The therapists at MHR are licensed by the State of Tennessee at the highest level of proficiency in their respective fields. We offer appointments for crisis intervention on a daily basis.

• Drug and Alcohol Counseling
• Domestic Abuse Counseling
• Marital Counseling and Couples Counseling
• Self Esteem and Codependency Counseling
• Individual and Group Counseling
• Marriage and Family Counseling
• LGBTQ+ Support and Counseling
• Grief and Trauma Counseling

Mental Health Resources Memphis and
Mid-South Professional Counseling Join Forces

Since 1987, Mental Health Resources in Memphis, Tennessee, has provided proven treatment for alcohol and drug addiction using confidential Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services.

We’ve joined forces with Mid-South Counseling and expanded the scope of our services. This high-level approach to better mental health now includes comprehensive services such as marriage and couples counseling, anxiety and depression counseling, family counseling, grief counseling, chronic pain counseling, addressing LGBTQQI Concerns, and other counseling services. In addition, we are the only private practice in Memphis TN that has evidence-based treatment for psychiatric and substance abuse related problems published in peer reviewed journals.

Our united team of licensed and experienced social workers, counselors and psychiatrists provides comprehensive and evidence-based treatments you can trust. In addition, we offer urgent and emergency appointments for crisis intervention.

Many Healthcare Workers Have Been in Need of Mental Health Services

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare workers have been in need of mental health services. Our highly-regarded centers offer a wide range of mental health services to all healthcare workers – schedule an appointment with one of our centers today.

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    Meritain Health
    BlueCross of Tennessee
    A Health Net Company
    Cigna Insurance
    United Healthcare
    United Behavioral Health
    Humana Insurance
    ValueOptions Insurance
    Magellan Healthcare

    *Humana is In-Network Insurance for IOP Only

    Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program

    IOP provides treatment for people suffering from moderate to severe levels of depression and anxiety that are interfering with their daily functioning, such as work performance, relationships, health, etc.

    Many patients are feeling helpless, and have thought of suicide.

    R E A D  M O R E >

    Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

    5 hours of daytime group therapy per day,
    5 days per week for approximately 2-3 weeks.
    Increased medication management and medical education groups.

    R E A D  M O R E >

    Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program

    The co-occurrence of substance use and psychiatric disorders is the norm, not the exception, for those addicted to alcohol and / or drugs. In fact, psychological research has shown that people exposed to stress are more likely to engage in drug and alcohol abuse, continue using, or to experience a relapse. This means that for a successful recovery, both the addiction and the mental health issues must be adequately treated.

    R E A D  M O R E >

    New: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Program

    Our OCD program includes individual and group therapy which have been designed to help increase your distress tolerance, decrease OCD’s impact on your day to day functioning, and ground you in a supportive environment. Treatment will be unique to you, and typically runs for 3-5 days a week for 6 weeks.

    R E A D  M O R E >

    Long Covid is a bigger problem than we thought

    Long Covid is a bigger problem than we thought

    The long Covid problem might be bigger than we thought. A large study has revealed that one in three Covid-19 survivors have suffered symptoms three to six months after getting infected, with breathing problems, abdominal symptoms such as abdominal pain, change of...

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